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      Welcome to the            nesting place of 

(n): a snug, comfortable, or cozy residence.
a retreat, refuge, resting place; home


THEHOPEFULBIRD  builds her nest with all the things
 that make her soul sing.
Crinkly tea-stained paper stacks,
 chunky journals &
oodles of scraps.
The Finley Chronicles
with lessons  & pup capers
 and countless blessings scribbled on old  papers.

If you're looking for a sweet retreat
 for mind body & soul,
you're in the
right place. 

My ETSY SHOP is stuffed with handmade journals, journaling papers & decks. My most recent additions include gratitude journals & affirmation cards. You'll find hand drawn birds & nests as well as faith filled decks.  My Wonderfully Made cards, brand new to my curated collection, are inspired by my brand new wonderfully made granddaughter.
And my new POWER DECKS are inspired by her big cousin, a strong and fearless red head I call my Peach.

What we do...
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Some days we get all tangled up in measuring our successes and failures.
We get stuck on the notion that our successes are mediocre and few and our failures .. well you know … are ginormous. These thoughts churn until we’re convinced that we are just not worthy and that our efforts though heart-felt will never be enough . Well my friends …we couldn’t be more wrong.  We are whole, wonderfully made & limitless. 

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Hi, I'm Wendy Ann

These I AM cards speak directly to my weary soul. If you
think they might speak to yours...


Blog Post :
The Nest Shenanigans

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Yummy tea stained journals and
inspiring paper decks.

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Thehopefulbird brand is grounded in love, faith, encouragement & that thing that makes your heart sing...your purpose. Thehopefulbird offers life coaching that might help you discover that very thing. Or maybe you have a mountain in your path & you're looking  to get that beast moved. Or perhaps you have a big goal & you need a strategically fashioned  map to reach that goal. Or maybe your mindset needs adjusting.  That's when a life coach can be your guide.

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This 12 piece  I AM deck is yours...
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This digital download is a sheet of 12 journaling cards of I AM statements designed to help affirm your
YOU-NESSS....strong, brave, .....and unapologetically you. 


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Are you living your best life?  Are your mind, body and soul thriving in purpose-filled days? Is your passion woven into the fabric of  how you live ?  If not...what's stopping you ? Life coaching can help you reach goals, move mountains and find the thing that makes your heart sing.... your purpose.

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-Anita~ Happy Customer

"I LOVE these paper journaling cards!!! They're an awesome addition to my collection of Wendy Ann's unique and inspiring journals !!! The artwork and scripture verses always cause me to "Selah"... I am so excited and the papers are tea dyed, this and so beautifully fragrant every time !!! Always ! Always! Always! A most gratefully and thankfully satisfied customer !!! Excellence is the first and foremost priority of thehopefulbird shop... consistently. Thanks Wendy Ann !! 

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Ready to begin your next purposeful chapter in life?
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Affirmations are like nuggets of encouragement for my soul. They are so important to me that I want to share them with you.

starter deck

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An Empowering  I Am Deck

it's not free chocolate, but it's pretty delicous:

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