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Hi, Wendy Ann.
Your friend with three dogs and
a purpose.

Hey thanks so very much for stopping by thehopefulbird nest. You're always welcome to join our adventures as we point our hearts at what really matters while enjoying a good dog ruckus or two. The NEST SHENANIGANS blog is a playful glimpse into all things hopeful bird. First of course will be the inside scoop on all things Fin, Duff & Spike . Then there's encouragement, gratitude, journaling and coaching too. My purpose is to raise hope and inspire people to find and shine their light so that the world can be a brighter place. The blog is a tool designed to do just that. 

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Welcome to the
Nest Shenanigans

This is not a typical blog. Nope. Not even close.  It's a gathering place for hearts and souls longing for encouragement and light. And it's also where Finley's infamous shenanigans unfold into a glorious lesson revealed. Finley is a scrappy stray pup turned king-of-cozy and boss of all good things at thehopefulbird. Together with his faithful companions
Duff and Spike, they teach this paper obsessed creator
 and coach about the meaning of life. 


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The Hopeful Bird Podcast

The podcast is in the works for an early 2023 launch.  I'm all aquiver just thinking about it. By that I mean I'm totally terrified. But my motto (or at least one of them) is to do what scares you a little and lights you up a lot. So stay tuned for an announcement in the depths of winter from the hopeful bird. 

Our Services

At the hopeful bird our purpose is to raise hope.

* The blog welcomes you into our nest where we learn about gratitude, joy, hope and love.
* Our Etsy shop is stuffed with yummy tea/coffee stained             journals and the prettiest journaling accessories. 
* Our life coaching, 1 on 1 and group, offers guidance to craft the path from where you are to where you want to be
* The podcast (in the works) will be all about joy.
How to pursue it, bank it and make withdrawals. 
* Courses offer guidance to build habits to support
your best self
*Hope membership (coming early 2023)


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It's all about gratitude. Check it out.
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